How to Water and Mulch Your Trees Properly

tree-care-mulching-wateringA homeowner that wants to maximize the value of their home needs to look beyond just the structure of the house. While maintaining the lawn with a weekly mowing is a good start, there are some additional things you can do that will have a significant ipact on the appearance of your home and landscape. Trees are often overlooked and in many cases neglected. In general, homeowners assume that trees require minimal maintenance and are only dealt with when problems occur that require the tree be removed. While this might be true, some simple preventive maintenance and tree care can go a long way in ensuring the health of your trees.

Here are some tree care tips from a Jacksonville tree company that can help you promote the health of your trees.

Many people don’t water their trees. It is important to provide 25-30 gallons of water per week, especially during those times of drought in the hot summer months. It is important that you deliver the water carefully. Water should be dispersed slowly over a period of an hour as opposed to all at once. If you are unsure if your trees require watering, you can purchase a rain guage to keep tabs. They are available at many home and garden stores such as Lowes. This device will help you keep track of recent rainfall. If you don’t want to buy one, you can rely on historical data listed on sites like

You should also mulch the soil surrounding your tree every season. This helps keep the weeds at bay and your soil moist. We recommend using peat moss, bark, or leaf compost and using what is referred to as the 3-3-3 rule. Place three inches of mulch spread out over 3 foot radius while leaving atleast 3 inches of space around the trunk of the tree.

When irrigating the tree, consider installing a slow-release waterbag. You could purchase these bags in many stores and the way you set them up is by placing the empty bag 6 feet away from the trunk of tree. Fill the bag using your garden hose. Once the bag is filled to the top, turn off the hose and close the plug. Open the watering hose attached to the watering bag and water will be drip fed over several hours. This method of watering is ideal because it allows for the tree to slowly absorb the water instead of drowning in a large amount of water at one time.

You should also keep any type of machinery, such as lawnmowers and weed-whackers for away from trees. If you hit a tree while this equipment is in operation, it can result in damage that will harm the tree and impede its growth. If the damage is significant enough it may pose a safety threat and need to be removed.