The Smartest and Affordable Kitchen Updates

If you intend to sell your home, then we recommend that you consider updating the kitchen because it provides the biggest boost on your home resale value. This is because what most potential home buyers highly desire is a modern kitchen, a place they can not only cook but also enjoy spending time interacting with family, friends and guests. Kitchen updates or remodels can be costly and complicated. However, failing to update your kitchen will significantly lower the value of your home.
Nonetheless, a kitchen update does not necessarily mean bringing down the entire kitchen and installing new designer cabinets and quartz countertops. It is only recommended that you bring down sections of the kitchen that are terribly dilapidated or when you completely changing the kitchen layout.

The following are some of the smartest kitchen updates that are pocket-friendly:
1. Cabinet Painting/Refacing
According to Maid Complete the entire kitchen look and feel can be significantly dented by outdated cabinets. Potential buyers might look down upon a property that looks like it has seen better days. There are affordable ways to restore the shine of your cabinets that do not cost a fortune. Provided the doors are not in bad shape, an innovative remodeling contractor can replace the cabinet hardware, fill the cracks and paint the cabinet exterior to look as god as new. Replacing the whole kitchen cabinet with new ones will hurt your wallet.
2. Lighting
Kitchen lighting fixtures can transform the look of the kitchen space. Updating the kitchen lighting fixtures will influence the style of the kitchen. For instance, buyers may not be impressed by fluorescent lighting panels. Modern kitchen lighting such as under cabinet lighting, Pendant lights, dimmers etc can make the kitchen look trendy without you breaking the bank.
3. Paint
Painting the kitchen walls is the most affordable and simplest way to freshen up the kitchen style and tone. A neutral pallet still remains the best choice for resale. Buyers will love a neutral paint color that they can personalize.
4. Kitchen Flooring
Updating the kitchen flooring is important because the floor attracts a lot of attention. The floor should be able to blend perfectly with the rest of the kitchen appliances and accessories. Hardwood floors still remain an all-time kitchen favorite flooring material. According to this house cleaning in Denver ceramic tiles are also great because they look great and are easy to keep clean. If you choose laminate, go for high-quality laminate that mimics wood or ceramic tile. A neutral pallet is always the best option. However,  the laminate is not a good option for luxury homes, if you want to fetch a good price.
5. Countertopsmodrn kitchen lighting
Stained or chipped countertops can also affect the visual appeal of the kitchen. Updating the countertops will improve the overall kitchen look. Neutral colors are the best colors for kitchen countertops especially if you want to increase the resale value of your home. Laminate is a great choice and offers a great return on investment, however if you want a little luxury then granite, marble or quartz will do. The choice may depend from one house to another.
6. Faucets
Beautiful faucets provide the crowning touch to the kitchen space. Updating the faucets particularly for a luxury home is simply unavoidable. It also helps to update the style of a regular home. Updating the faucets does not have to cost a fortune, there are affordable faucets that still look stunning.
7. Backsplashes
Backsplashes allow you bring in some art into the kitchen and make a statement about your style. Updating the kitchen backsplash is a smart idea. For resale purposes again a neutral palette is ideal such as white or chocolate tiles. Create a cohesive and inviting space using backsplashes to add texture and color to your kitchen while linking with the cabinets.
8. Sinks
To maintain a cohesive kitchen design make sure the faucet finish and the kitchen sink match. Consider installing an under mount sink to go along with the countertop replacement to ensure there is a flow in the design.
9. Appliances
A modern kitchen needs the latest appliances. If you want to boost the resale value of your home ensure the kitchen appliances are in good working condition and they are clean. If you consider replacing the appliances choose either stainless steel or black. Make sure the appliances fit perfectly in their designated areas such that they can be operated with ease. Install a range hood above the stove it makes a good selling point.