How to Water and Mulch Your Trees Properly

tree-care-mulching-wateringA homeowner that wants to maximize the value of their home needs to look beyond just the structure of the house. While maintaining the lawn with a weekly mowing is a good start, there are some additional things you can do that will have a significant ipact on the appearance of your home and landscape. Trees are often overlooked and in many cases neglected. In general, homeowners assume that trees require minimal maintenance and are only dealt with when problems occur that require the tree be removed. While this might be true, some simple preventive maintenance and tree care can go a long way in ensuring the health of your trees.

Here are some tree care tips from a Jacksonville tree company that can help you promote the health of your trees.

Many people don’t water their trees. It is important to provide 25-30 gallons of water per week, especially during those times of drought in the hot summer months. It is important that you deliver the water carefully. Water should be dispersed slowly over a period of an hour as opposed to all at once. If you are unsure if your trees require watering, you can purchase a rain guage to keep tabs. They are available at many home and garden stores such as Lowes. This device will help you keep track of recent rainfall. If you don’t want to buy one, you can rely on historical data listed on sites like

You should also mulch the soil surrounding your tree every season. This helps keep the weeds at bay and your soil moist. We recommend using peat moss, bark, or leaf compost and using what is referred to as the 3-3-3 rule. Place three inches of mulch spread out over 3 foot radius while leaving atleast 3 inches of space around the trunk of the tree.

When irrigating the tree, consider installing a slow-release waterbag. You could purchase these bags in many stores and the way you set them up is by placing the empty bag 6 feet away from the trunk of tree. Fill the bag using your garden hose. Once the bag is filled to the top, turn off the hose and close the plug. Open the watering hose attached to the watering bag and water will be drip fed over several hours. This method of watering is ideal because it allows for the tree to slowly absorb the water instead of drowning in a large amount of water at one time.

You should also keep any type of machinery, such as lawnmowers and weed-whackers for away from trees. If you hit a tree while this equipment is in operation, it can result in damage that will harm the tree and impede its growth. If the damage is significant enough it may pose a safety threat and need to be removed.

Enhancing the insulation of your home

It is important to understand the impact of insulation on your home’s ability to reflect or retain heat prior to enhancing the home insulation.

While the majority of the home insulation types are durable and last the entire lifespan of your house, others lose their R-value and degenerate as they age. As time goes by your house may seem a little colder than usual or require extra heating. These are obvious signs that your insulation is deteriorating and requires restoration or replacement.


Nonetheless, if you find the chill in your house a little too much to bear, then perhaps it is high time you found out where exactly your home is losing the precious heat.  Cold bridges allow heat to seep through reducing the effectiveness of your home insulation.

Evaluating home insulation

There are various ways of evaluating your home insulation needs. None is more effective compared to the thermal images from the infrared camera. The images can help you find out how much heat is lost either through the roof or wall and the specific areas heat is lost the most.

You will get a good idea of what is required to properly restore your home insulation. Inspect the windows and doors to find out if there is any air seeping through. The drafts and major air leakages can have a negative impact on your home insulation.

There are different types of insulation with different installation techniques. The technique of installation depends on the section of the house.

  • Installing Wall Insulation

You can fill the wall cavity using glass wool or foam using the blow-in method. The way to do it is to either drill tiny holes into the wall cavity, thrust a nozzle and spraying the foam or through the roof tiles and passing a hose to fill the wall cavity space from the top.

Installing batt-type insulation will require that you strip the plaster off the walls and replace it when finished. The advantage is that it allows you to assess the waterproofing as well as other repairs.

  • Installing Ceiling Insulation

The ceiling space is easy to access and open which makes installing insulation less troublesome. You can inspect the space for any damages and dilapidation. According to the Suffolk County Long Island Tree Service you need to prune dangerously hanging trees that pose a danger to the roof and ceiling.

You can either use the blow-in method or batt insulation in the ceiling. Ensure the foil insulation is properly laid and there is sufficient clearance from hanging lights otherwise you risk electrocution. Follow the ceiling insulation regulations to prevent fires as a result of heat buildup especially around lighting fixtures.

  • Installing underfloor Insulation

This could be challenging depending on the floor type. Floors with enough space underneath such as stump and joist floors are easy to install insulation compared to a slab. You can apply spray foam insulation or fit panels in between the joist spacing underneath the floors. For the slab floors carefully install foam boards or extra carpet underlays.

It is best to work with an expert to not only inspect but also install the proper home insulation. Enhancing home insulation should not interfere with the electrical work or affect water resistance. An expert will provide the professional installation with a warranty which boosts the validity of your insurance.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Tips

One of the most critical parts of the home is the bathroom. Undertaking a remodeling project will not only make your bathroom more comfortable but also keep it up to date with the latest trends. As a homeowner there are numerous things that you must put into consideration before you upgrade your bathroom. We have outlined a few tipbathroom-remodels to help you achieve a successful bathroom remodeling project that will turn your dream bathroom into a reality:

The first step to take before you embark on any remodeling project is to come up with a budget. It is important because it helps you know what materials you can use and how far you can go with the design. It is easy to make important decisions relating to the project once you have established a budget.

Go Green
Nowadays every homeowner is concerned about going green and choosing eco-friendly products. Well, since we all have an obligation to safeguard the environment, as a homeowner you need to choose eco-friendly products. There are numerous eco-friendly bathroom design ideas, materials, and products that you can incorporate into your bathroom remodeling project. According to Maid Complete going green helps modern bathrooms to reduce energy bills, save water and avoid use of toxic chemicals and materials.
Homeowners are also making eco-friendly choices such as recycling or reusing materials instead of throwing them away to fill up already choking landfills. A good example is bathroom vanity repainting.

Refinishing Surfaces
An innovative and cost-effective way to remodel your bathroom is refinishing the surfaces.  It is possible to refinish the bathroom tiles, sink, tub, and shower. It offers significant savings for homeowners. It only costs about 10% the cost of replacement.

Bathroom remodeling decisions related to plumbing are very important for homeowners. This is because shifting plumbing is an expensive affair that can increase the cost of remodeling. It can be both time consuming and costly to move the plumbing below ending up delaying the project and affecting the budget.

DIY vs. hiring a professional
As a homeowner, you should undertake a DIY project only if you have the necessary skills. Be honest with yourself about the level of skill you have to get the job done. DIY projects can help you save a lot of money, however if the project goes wrong hiring an expert to correct it can cost a lot more. Hiring an expert to undertake the bathroom remodeling project when you lack skills is a wise move.

Upgrade Lighting
Proper bathroom lighting can have a huge impact even on a small bathroom. Bathroom lighting is not only for illumination but also setting the mood. The lighting should be both functional and attractive. Layered lighting will provide illumination for task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. For task lighting consider sconce light next to the makeup mirror at eye level. It eliminates shadows from your face. Consider installing dimmers to set the mood in the bathroom especially when you want to relax in the tub.
According to this house cleaning in Denver to prevent the formation of mold and mildew, ensure that  there is proper ventilation for your bathroom remodel. You can opt for larger windows to improve ventilation and draw in more natural light.

The bathroom is an important room that is used constantly. Remodeling the bathroom requires that you make smart decisions for the project to succeed within your budget.

The Smartest and Affordable Kitchen Updates

If you intend to sell your home, then we recommend that you consider updating the kitchen because it provides the biggest boost on your home resale value. This is because what most potential home buyers highly desire is a modern kitchen, a place they can not only cook but also enjoy spending time interacting with family, friends and guests. Kitchen updates or remodels can be costly and complicated. However, failing to update your kitchen will significantly lower the value of your home.
Nonetheless, a kitchen update does not necessarily mean bringing down the entire kitchen and installing new designer cabinets and quartz countertops. It is only recommended that you bring down sections of the kitchen that are terribly dilapidated or when you completely changing the kitchen layout.

The following are some of the smartest kitchen updates that are pocket-friendly:
1. Cabinet Painting/Refacing
According to Maid Complete the entire kitchen look and feel can be significantly dented by outdated cabinets. Potential buyers might look down upon a property that looks like it has seen better days. There are affordable ways to restore the shine of your cabinets that do not cost a fortune. Provided the doors are not in bad shape, an innovative remodeling contractor can replace the cabinet hardware, fill the cracks and paint the cabinet exterior to look as god as new. Replacing the whole kitchen cabinet with new ones will hurt your wallet.
2. Lighting
Kitchen lighting fixtures can transform the look of the kitchen space. Updating the kitchen lighting fixtures will influence the style of the kitchen. For instance, buyers may not be impressed by fluorescent lighting panels. Modern kitchen lighting such as under cabinet lighting, Pendant lights, dimmers etc can make the kitchen look trendy without you breaking the bank.
3. Paint
Painting the kitchen walls is the most affordable and simplest way to freshen up the kitchen style and tone. A neutral pallet still remains the best choice for resale. Buyers will love a neutral paint color that they can personalize.
4. Kitchen Flooring
Updating the kitchen flooring is important because the floor attracts a lot of attention. The floor should be able to blend perfectly with the rest of the kitchen appliances and accessories. Hardwood floors still remain an all-time kitchen favorite flooring material. According to this house cleaning in Denver ceramic tiles are also great because they look great and are easy to keep clean. If you choose laminate, go for high-quality laminate that mimics wood or ceramic tile. A neutral pallet is always the best option. However,  the laminate is not a good option for luxury homes, if you want to fetch a good price.
5. Countertopsmodrn kitchen lighting
Stained or chipped countertops can also affect the visual appeal of the kitchen. Updating the countertops will improve the overall kitchen look. Neutral colors are the best colors for kitchen countertops especially if you want to increase the resale value of your home. Laminate is a great choice and offers a great return on investment, however if you want a little luxury then granite, marble or quartz will do. The choice may depend from one house to another.
6. Faucets
Beautiful faucets provide the crowning touch to the kitchen space. Updating the faucets particularly for a luxury home is simply unavoidable. It also helps to update the style of a regular home. Updating the faucets does not have to cost a fortune, there are affordable faucets that still look stunning.
7. Backsplashes
Backsplashes allow you bring in some art into the kitchen and make a statement about your style. Updating the kitchen backsplash is a smart idea. For resale purposes again a neutral palette is ideal such as white or chocolate tiles. Create a cohesive and inviting space using backsplashes to add texture and color to your kitchen while linking with the cabinets.
8. Sinks
To maintain a cohesive kitchen design make sure the faucet finish and the kitchen sink match. Consider installing an under mount sink to go along with the countertop replacement to ensure there is a flow in the design.
9. Appliances
A modern kitchen needs the latest appliances. If you want to boost the resale value of your home ensure the kitchen appliances are in good working condition and they are clean. If you consider replacing the appliances choose either stainless steel or black. Make sure the appliances fit perfectly in their designated areas such that they can be operated with ease. Install a range hood above the stove it makes a good selling point.

A Classic and Cool Budget Friendly Home Improvements

1 (1)Enjoy your stay in the house using these home improvements which are very budget friendly. You get to sell it for more than fair value tomorrow too!

Stretch further where your dollars can get you and your home improvements, do it with planning. With plans in hand you would be able to get the most out of your money even with a limited budget.

Spending wisely is key.

First, you may add a molding as a finishing touch.

Ancient civilizations like Greeks and Romans first installed these touches to add building grandeur. A decorative molding is a touch of class and has withstand the ravages of time and tastes.

Until today, molding has remained to be one of the ways that instantly leaves drama to dress up an area. By establishing a finished and expensive look, adding a trim to a room is a budget friendly step to pursue.

From simple to ornate, wood moldings are available in options that run to hundreds. Staining, painting or leaving it in a natural finish are just few of the things you can do with the molding you’ve purchased. They also come in flexible materials like foam. This then makes it easy to install. Others have lighting included that makes it cast an ambient glow in the surroundings.

According to surveys, consumers rank consistently both crown molding and chair railing as a andy-manpng-bc03e0b0696c2672most desirable feature for decoration. It is also noteworthy that you mostly spend $1.50 per foot if you do it yourself. That’s a plus in both adding value while personalizing your house.

To make rooms seem taller and bigger use crown molding. Do consider proportions very well. If the ceiling measures nine feet or less, opt for simpler choices so as not to subject the design to too much weight. Chair railing, on the other hand, must be placed correctly to attain good room proportion. A tip is to have the chair railing at ⅓ of the ceiling height distance.

Don’t fail to include windows, doors and entryways as they complete the look. As there are many options to choose from, these details create trims around areas and make them look expensive.

Second, you may want to consider installing ceiling fans of quality. Part of the wish list in decorative details, ceiling fans are quite a crowd pleaser. Over the years, their popularity has been established. Primarily, as a cheap solution to rising costs of energy as they are cheaper than air conditioning. While they were previously ugly and noisy eyesores now they have become design statement themselves.

They have evolved as an essential component of modern American living. Part of that evolution is the variety in styles and colors to complement any room. It will save you the redesign costs of you opt in improving your old and outdated ceiling fans with crown moldings and a new paint job. It refreshes the rooms while being cost saving.

home-improvement-imageIt is suggested to use ceiling fans which hang above 7 to 8 feet off the floor. Buying a flush mounted type is good if you’ve got low ceiling. This makes the area cooler without compromising so much on space. Compare with the number of fan blades, size matters in most cases. There are energy star rated that fit the bill perfectly. This option captures your need without being a complicated contraption

Quality does get a good price tag but not that expensive. By choosing well among those within the $200 to $600 price range you can select ones with good looks, better cooling results and less noise. That will be cool.